Scars are the end result of tissue repair and are part of the normal healing process. Scars can result from accidents, burns, skin conditions such as acne, surgeries and other injuries to the body or through stress and psychological trauma within the body and are an energy- depleting  burden.

Severe Injuries and surgical procedures result in inflammatory reactions. The intake of Proteloytic Enzymes before and after surgical intervention is of great advantage for the patient.  

Proteolytic Enzyme preparations help the body's blood circulation and reduce blood viscosity. The Enzyme preperations help with bruising and reduce swelling- which in turn accelerates the healing process.
The preparations regulate the balance of cell- messengers such as TNF and Interleukin. Proteolytic Enzymes activate macrophages and NK-cells in the body and help cleanse the tissue and blood.

The Enzymes inhibit the cell disrupting impact of the complement cascade and stimulate the phagocytosis.

You will find an increase in energy and cell metabolism.Proteolytic Enzymes interact with each other synergistically and are supported through orthomolecular substances via Co- Enzymes!



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