Tissue injury often results in inflammation, this makes itself know through redness, heat, swelling or pain.

It's a body's natural defense reaction of the Immune system, which is necessary to engage a healing process. Through this process invading pathogens will be killed off and damaged tissue will be removed and new tissue can be built up.

An inflammatory reaction should not be suppressed during the healing process but rather steered in paths.

Proteolytic enzymes have proven to be successful for the prophylaxis and treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.
Particularly patients with rheumatic diseases reported a reduction in pain, improved mobility of joints and a general increase in quality of life after treatment with proteolytic enzymes.

An inflammatory process should not be suppressed but should be channeled through an orderly easing of the pace. (should be trained in controlled ways.) This can be achieved by the dietary process of enzyme intake.


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