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Innovazym is currently the number one proteolytic Enzyme product in Europe, developed by INNOVA LLC. Innovazym® is a product series which is produced under the highest quality standards (IFS certification). It is produced in Germany with the best selected raw materials. The major concern in this connection is to utilize only natural raw materials in an organic form that is easily absorbed in the body.



The company’s standard quality:

- High-quality natural ingredients

- Highly active enzymes (bromelain, papain, lysozyme), no animal enzymes from beef or pork

- Produced without genetic engineering, without nanotechnology, without animal experiments

- The efficacy of all ingredients is proven through studies

- The ingredients achieve their full efficacy through the unique combination concept - Measured according to International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP, Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique)
Innovazym® is the highest dosed enzyme preparation on the German market.

The very high quality is also reflected in the FIP units: FIP units per daily dose of Innovazym® (7 tablets):
Lysozyme (30 mg): 1.051.050 FIP Bromelain (120 mg): 876 FIP Papain (300 mg): 1.650 FIP
Total FIP activity: 1.053.576 (over 1 million is maximum FIP activity).