Maria Harmony Gratia Bruchmann, ND, M.Sc., B.A., Specialist in Mitochondria Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine is the CEO of the "Institute for Bioenergetics and Holistic Medicine".

The "Institute for Bioenergetics and Holistic Medicine" has celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2017.

As a Genetics and Astrophysics based Medical Scientist, Maria Harmony Gratia Bruchmann works in the field of elementary particle structures after Burkhard Heim. Through her work with Dr. Hellmut Münch and the MEF (Medical Enzyme Research Institute) she did research on cancer patients, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain patients and recovery after surgery with the Proteolytic Enzyme product INNOVAZYM.

She will continue the work of the renowned “father of Enzymes” Dr. Max Wolf in the United States.

In her free time Maria Harmony is a fine arts painter, she loves to swim and walk along the beautiful coasts of Northern America. She loves to cook and immerse herself in Aryuveda, Austrian and Armenian cuisine culture.




Dr. med Hellmut Muench became the head of MEF (Medizinische Enzym-Forschungsgesellschaft/ Medical Enzyme Research Association) after the passing of Dr. Karl Ransberger

Born in Germany, Dr. med. Hellmut Münch studied Biology before his interest for medicine became his obsession. Together with Dr. Karl Ransberger, Dr. Hellmut Muench developed Phlogenzym and started his research on the Enzyme product Wobenzym Phyto.

Dr. Hellmut Münch is a practicing Physician in Bavaria Germany specializing in Immunology.

He also guest lectures at universities worldwide.